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At Prime Light University, we resist the pressure to conduct entrepreneurship education the way it has always been done. We challenge existing beliefs so that we only keep what works, and reimagine the rest. Prime Light University goes above and beyond to provide you with an education like no other. We focus on giving you a holistic experience designed to make you a successful entrepreneur, leader and a better citizen of the world. Prime Light University has identified several fundamental strategies that make our approach to teaching and learning unique, relevant and engaging

Prime Light University has adopted a five step approach to creating an entrepreneurial by having an entrepreneurial culture. It would offer intervention at each of these levels. Prime Light University has proposed activities for each of the steps and is open to all creative ideas to further its agenda

Prime Light University Model
Prime Light University has developed its own model to shape its efforts of SDGs attainment. At our College of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management we believe that entrepreneurship must become a mass movement for which creating awareness is the first step. College contribute efforts to motivate students and youth to give entrepreneurship a trial. Enthusiasm will last short if youth find themselves incapable of meeting expectations of a commercial enterprise. The heart of our model is capability building. Our job is incomplete without extending continued and sustained support to entrepreneurial initiative. While small industries find it difficult to mobilise expertise on their own, center provides support such as specialised trainings, consultancy, and information for these enterprises.

1. Awareness

• Create awareness among students by way of education and intervention through curriculum
• Organise activities like essay and story writing and case development competition, business quiz, talks etc.
• Create and provide centralised support centre for entrepreneurial activities like entrepreneurship camps, fairs, etc.

2. Motivate

• Rewarding entrepreneurial activity by students
• Recognising and honouring other entrepreneurial activity in the vicinity.
• Organise Entrepreneurship Development Programmes .

3. Capability building

• Training for teachers of colleges and universities
• Promote entrepreneurship as a value through entrepreneurship camps for students
• Research on problems of local small business (Create Small Business Research Group)
• Curriculum intervention
• Short term and long term courses .

4. Action

• Create a support centre and event management group that will organise infrastructure for student fairs on annual basis both exclusively and alongside local small businesses
• Organising co-curricular activities emphasising entrepreneurship
• Establish an exhibition pavilion for promoting student / small business/ indigenous craft products.
• Network with local bodies .

5. Continued Support

• Training
• Consultancy
• Information institution
• Networking with other agencies .

Preparation for Tomorrow’s World

We prepare you for jobs that don’t even exist yet. In an ever-changing world, narrow academic theory quickly loses relevance. Therefore we go beyond just giving you a solid academic grounding. We also develop skills like leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, quantitative reasoning, communication and teamwork—skills that will always be relevant for the jobs of tomorrow.

Engaging Learning Experience

A revolutionary style of teaching and learning. We employ the most innovative and effective methods of teaching and learning. For example, sometimes we ban lectures. Instead, you drive your own learning in a self-paced way and learn from your peers. When you attend class, you will meet an expert facilitator who engages you in lively debates, discussions, and applications of the knowledge you have learned on your own and with peers. You will ‘learn how to learn’ in an effective and engaging way. .

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Develop entrepreneurial skills and mindsets. We believe every graduate in the 21st century should be able to think entrepreneurially. Therefore, you learn the habits that make great entrepreneurs—how to solve big problems with limited resources, how to think innovatively, how to form and lead teams, and how to dream big—in whatever field you go into.

Declare a Mission for Your Life

We will challenge you to declare a “mission” for your life, and not just to select an academic “major”. We will expose you to the grand challenges and opportunities of our time, and work with you to define how you want to solve these problems and capture emerging opportunities. In this way, you will discover your life’s purpose and align your learning with this purpose.

Education Meets the Real World

The real world comes to the classroom. We break down barriers between universities and the real world. You will solve real problems for real organizations from day one. We design our curriculum with employers. And each year, in our undergraduate programmes, you spend eight months on campus and four months in the workplace by the time you graduate. .

A Student Driven Experience

We empower you to be the driving force behind your undergraduate experience. You and your peers have the power to design your extra-curricular activities, and are supported to launch your own ventures, engage in local communities, and participate in our Skills Acquisition and Venture Creation (SAEC) programme..

Pan-African and Global Network

At Prime Light University, we believe that creativity is fostered by experience and exposure, and as such we bring together students and staff from diverse backgrounds to live, study, and play together in a rich, vibrant community where different cultures are respected and celebrated. You form deep bonds with inspiring classmates and graduate with a powerful, global network for life .

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