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What makes our programme unique

>> A dynamic global learning community:

Modules are designed to ensure students appreciate the diverse, interdisciplinary nature of of their field of studies. Students will connect with peers around the globe and engage in learning activities with each other to bring their own unique perspectives to the programme.

>>Learn from internationally renowned experts:
You’ll be taught by leading academics at Prime Light University, USA and world-class professionals various partner institutes/academies. The institution’s academics have extensive industry experience from around the world, reflecting the global nature of higher education, which feeds directly into their teaching.

>>Enhance your professional profile with a valuable career credential:
As a graduate of this institution, you’ll be prepared for a successful career in any field of your choice, depending on your talent, interest and ability (TAI), and you’ll have the skills to succeed in organisations ranging from large corporations to small businesses and nonprofits. Graduates from Prime Light University, USA have gone on to work at leading global companies.

>>Trio Accreditation: ACEEE, BQS and GCCEI accredited programmes:
The Prime Light University Programmes are accredited by Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Education (ACEEE), Board of Quality Standard and the Global Confederation of Certified Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institutes (GCCEI). This accreditation provides the opportunity to stand out from other graduates by achieving the globally recognised professional membership alongside your accredited Prime Light University qualification. Degrees conferred by Prime Light University have been internationally recognised by the Governments and private sector and also accepted by multinational businesses as well as colleges and universities for further study. The Institution was endorsed to the Generally Accepted Accrediting Principle (GAAP) of Board of Quality Standards and all transcripts are in GAAP, BQF, and ECTS. Board of Quality Standards is an independent International Quality Assurance Regulatory Agencies for Higher Education; a member of International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE), and European Union Qualifications Framework (EQF). The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) is an International Quality Assurance body recognized by CHEA. INQAAHE works closely with National Accreditation bodies and Academicians to control Educational qualities in over 140 Countries, established since 1991

>>Relevant Curriculum :
Our courses and programmes are constantly being updated with enhanced curriculum relevant to the changing world, and to your own goals. Our syllabus is in line with the ever changing business world

>>Relevant Applied Degrees :
Our professional diplomas and postgraduate programmes are applied, by completing a capstone project in your particular area of interest and expertise.

>>Flexible Learning :
Our Faculty can offer individualized instruction designed to provide each student with the guidance and support necessary for successful programme completion.Your residency is not a problem to us

>>Affordable Education:
Prime Light University is the best - when comparing quality and cost. Our tuition fees are affordable; we have standard textbooks written by renowned scholars at affordable cost to complement their learning and study.

>>Open Enrolment :
Begin study at any time and when it best fits your schedule; our distance learning programme allows you to take your study with you. With Open Enrolment System, there are no predetermined semester dates to contend with.

>>Qualified Faculty Mentors:
Prime Light University has pool of qualified, experienced and dedicated instructors and mentors that offer professional and academic support to students. Our Faculty drives the college's innovative capacity as experts in their fields..

>>Quality Academic Service
From your initial contact, our Faculty and Administrators are available to support your educational goal based on the core principle that “through your success we succeed”.

>>Continuous Tutoring Services
Prime Light University is committed to providing students with adequate learning resources and support needed to successfully complete their study. As part of this commitment, students can access private-tutoring in their study. By the end of the programme, students will have had the following experiences and opportunities:

• Create a product - Build a business plan: Students will produce a business plan outlining their original idea and present this idea to a panel of small business community members.
• Participate in real world projects and industry challenges: Just as is done in the real world, students will often work in teams to design and develop novel solutions to class projects and industry challenges that are mentored by the programme’s business partners.
• Build strong ties with local industry partners: The programme’s business partners host students for learning opportunities alongside experts and guest lecture in our classes; which result in relationships and future employment opportunities.
• Earn internationally recognised certifications: Students will have the opportunity to earn EQF-based internationally recognised certification.

• Project based work: Every subject is taught through project-based learning that engages students in every facet of their education.
• Collaboration and innovation: Just as is done in the real world, students often work in teams to design and develop novel solutions to class projects and industry challenges.
• Student-centred learning: Students take an active role in their own education, working with teachers in a professional, collaborative environment built on two-way communication.

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Prime Light University is an institution of higher learning offering globally recognised Certificate, Diplomas, Bachelor’s, PGD, Master’s and Doctorate Qualifications. We are always here to assist you with any extra information you require.

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