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Notable Alumni

Several alumni working across organisations, industries, and functions of all kinds and in 21 countries, Prime Light graduates are creating economic and social value around the world

Prime Light's alumni continually achieve great successes. Our graduates go on to start businesses and lead companies, bringing entrepreneurial leadership skills and thinking to a variety of industries. That may mean managing a hospital, leading an international corporation, or founding their own shoe company. In every case, Prime Light's alumni are proven entrepreneurial leaders in their fields.

All of our alumni are doing incredible work. Meet just some of the college’s notable alumni who demonstrate the versatility of a Prime Light degree:


The Prime Light Alumni Community

Wherever you are in the world, Prime Light alumni are there waiting to help you make connections, talk through a business idea, or just grab a cup of coffee. There are active alumni clubs in several countries, hosting more than 30 events each year. There also are dozens of volunteer opportunities for alumni, from mentoring students in the various centres and institutes to serving as an admission ambassador.

Prime Light's Alumni Services

Get involved, access resources, attend events, and more.

Welcome Back to your Alma Mater!

The International Alumni Association of Prime Light was established by graduates of the University. Representing graduates from all points of the globe, we provide the means for alumni to stay connected with each other and the College. Alumni with similar interests are able to share ideas and work together. All graduates of Prime Light programmes are eligible for membership, services, and benefits of the Alumni Association.

Office of Alumni Relations

We are the major arm of the Prime Light in forging and sustaining ties with its alumni- unifying and strengthening generations of competent and compassionate Prime Light committed to persistence in excellence, service to humanity, nations and the global community.


Let us know who you are, what course you’ve graduated from and things that you currently do. Registering your profile can let us help you connect with other Prime Light students and alumni and keep you updated with what’s happening in our university.


We want you to have the best so we partnered with the finest establishments that can give you first-rate services. We value your convenience. To save you some time, see a list of all our frequently asked questions and get to know where your Prime Light Alumni Card can take you!


Apply online for your student records such as Transcript of Records, Certification and Graduation etc.


The Prime Light-bred hard work, dedication and passion have stood the test of time. Excited for your dream job? Put your skills to test and check out a list of companies ready to employ Prime Light Alumni. For the companies all set to make great our alumni, feel free to ask our office for graduate listings and list of available jobs. alumni@primelightuniversity.education


Be updated with all the past, current and future events hosted by the Office of Alumni Relations and other official alumni organisations. Come home for we are more than excited to welcome you home, our dear entrepreneurs.


Composed of Prime Light Alumni Associations, Groups, and Chapters, checkout where you can join friendly and engaged alumni sharing a passion and commitment to our university.


Never miss the latest news! Be up to date with all the happenings—checkout our news and announcements about our university’s events and our exemplary Prime Light Alumni. Keep in touch with us, if you have recently moved or changed phone numbers please let us know. Also, if you have a working e-mail we will be happy to add you to the monthly News Letter.

Please let us hear from you by sending an e-mail to: alumni@primelightuniversity.education

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